1. Cosmetic plastic bottles

  • Joyce plastic lotion bottle-No. 0002
  • Joyce plastic lotion bottle-No. 0002
  • Joyce plastic lotion bottle-No. 0002
  • Joyce plastic lotion bottle-No. 0002
Joyce plastic lotion bottle-No. 0002Joyce plastic lotion bottle-No. 0002Joyce plastic lotion bottle-No. 0002Joyce plastic lotion bottle-No. 0002

Joyce plastic lotion bottle-No. 0002

  • Product ID: B0002JOE
  • Shape: round
  • Sealing type: pump or screw cap with stopper
  • Decoration: silk-screening, hot-stamping, heat transfer printing, pad printing, varnishing, labeling, etc.
  • Product description: plastic bottles for personal care products, such as lotions, toners, creams, cleansers

I. Dimension parameters

Appearance Name Volume Code Height Width & depth Neck finish Material
Joyce 7ml No.0002-01 55mm Φ19mm 13/spec PET/PCR
Joyce 10ml No.0002-02 53.1mm Φ21.5mm 13/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 20ml No.0002-03 59.8mm Φ23.5mm 18/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 20ml No.0002-04 73.7mm Φ27.5mm 18/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 30ml No.0002-05 81.8mm Φ28.2mm 18/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 30ml No.0002-06 79mm Φ27mm 18/415 PET/PCR
Joyce 30ml No.0002-07 80.8mm Φ27.2mm 18/415 PET/PCR
Joyce 30ml No.0002-08 80.7mm Φ29.1mm 18/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 40ml No.0002-09 81mm Φ32mm 24/415 PET/PCR
Joyce 50ml No.0002-10 85.6mm Φ34mm 20/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 50ml No.0002-11 103.45mm Φ31.3mm 20/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 60ml No.0002-12 109mm Φ33mm 24/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 60ml No.0002-13 96.2mm Φ34mm 18/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 60ml No.0002-14 101mm Φ33.7mm 18/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 80ml No.0002-15 133.8mm Φ33mm 24/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 80ml No.0002-16 103mm Φ37mm 20/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 100ml No.0002-17 120.5mm Φ38.2mm 24/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 100ml No.0002-18 108mm Φ41.9mm 24/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 100ml No.0002-19 103mm Φ43mm 22/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 100ml No.0002-20 97.1mm Φ44.5mm 24/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 100ml No.0002-21 116mm Φ39.1mm 20/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 100ml No.0002-22 102.7mm Φ42.5mm 22/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 120ml No.0002-23 140.5mm Φ39.6mm 24/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 120ml No.0002-24 125mm Φ41.9mm 24/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 120ml No.0002-25 111.5mm Φ44.5mm 24/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 120ml No.0002-26 127mm Φ40mm 24/415 PET/PCR
Joyce 150ml No.0002-27 161.4mm Φ39.6mm 24/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 150ml No.0002-28 145mm Φ41.9mm 24/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 150ml No.0002-29 107.3mm Φ50.4mm 24/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 150ml No.0002-30 130.5mm Φ44.5mm 24/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 150ml No.0002-31 144.3mm Φ52.5mm 24/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 150ml No.0002-32 140.3mm Φ42.5mm 22/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 150ml No.0002-33 132mm Φ44mm 24/415 PET/PCR
Joyce 160ml No.0002-34 136mm Φ45mm 24/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 160ml No.0002-35 173mm Φ39mm 24/415 PET/PCR
Joyce 180ml No.0002-36 147.5mm Φ44.5mm 24/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 200ml No.0002-37 106.8mm Φ58.1mm 24/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 200ml No.0002-38 158.8mm Φ46mm 24/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 200ml No.0002-39 163mm Φ45mm 24/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 200ml No.0002-40 160.2mm Φ57.2mm 24/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 200ml No.0002-41 161mm Φ45mm 24/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 320ml No.0002-42 144mm Φ59.1mm 24/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 150ml No.0002-43 176mm Φ45mm 24/410 IP252
Joyce 500ml No.0002-44 173mm Φ68mm 24/410 PET/PCR
Joyce 20ml No.0002-45 73.5mm Φ23.5mm 18/410 PET/PCR

II. Features

1.classic appearance
2. eco-friendly PCR material for environmental protection
2. 45 items for a wide selection, volume from 7 ml to 500 ml,  diameter from 19 mm to 68 mm, height from 53 mm to 176 mm. 
3. 14 caps for a wide choice
4. any custom color