1. Cosmetic plastic bottles

  • Agnete two-tube bottle-No. 0048
Agnete two-tube bottle-No. 0048

Agnete two-tube bottle-No. 0048

  • Product ID: B0048AGE
  • Shape: round
  • Sealing type: pump with outer cap
  • Decoration: silk-screening, hot-stamping, heat transfer printing, pad printing, varnishing, labeling, etc.
  • Product description: plastic bottles for personal care products, such as lotions, toners, creams, serums, foundations

I. Dimension parameters

Appearance Name Volume Code Height Width & depth Material
Agnete 25+25ml No.0048-01 100mm Φ35mm PP/AS
Agnete 12.5+12.5ml No.0048-02 113mm Φ37mm PP/PMMA
Agnete 50+50ml No.0048-03 182mm Φ46mm PP/PMMA
Agnete 10+10ml No.0048-04 122mm Φ37mm PE/ABS/AS
Agnete 20+20ml No.0048-05 128mm Φ37mm PE/ABS/AS
Agnete 30+30ml No.0048-06 165mm Φ37mm PE/ABS/AS
Agnete 65+65ml No.0048-07 164mm Φ50mm PP/ABS/PMMA

II. Features

1. classic appearance
2. 2-tube design for holding 2 kinds of bulk at the same time
3. any custom color